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    is this chat box deead? i think it's dead. new one added below

    All files delivered to you by acid dr0p have been scanned by AVG Free version 8.5.375. Due to the nature of the software on this website you never can be too safe, please feel free to also scan each file with a multi anti virus scanner such as Virus Total

    R.I.P AIM

  1. well, been ridiculously busy. back from london again and right back in school and just, this hobby has been put on serious hold. but anyway im not even making enough money off these ads to pay for the hosting and domain so acid dr0p might be byebye, im going to give it another month or two and then possibly close acid dr0p down if google doesnt start putting more interesting ads on my site that people click. ive now paid about $110 to keep this site up and have only made $50 in ad clicks. Google needs to either start putting more interesting ads or you guys need to use Dr PC Repair to get your computers fxied remotely. Theyre indredibly smart and have very fair prices, check them out at http://www.DrPcRepair.com.

    [1/26/11] mat

  2. deactivated the acid dr0p sections that ARENT active for now, added some acid dr0p brand software, fixed a few stupid things, added 2 dead aim versions to aim alternatives, added new text/tutorials/scripts to Tutorials, more to come soon, keep checking back.

    [3/13/10] mat

  3. new screennames added. click 'buy screennames.' added cipo (broken cracker), lightning check by arub (sn status checker), a tutorial on how to AOL an AIM and i think that's it. gotta oraganize my screen names for sale, get the ugly ones by themselves. might do it now.

    [3/4/10] -slash

  4. Happy new year. Back from London/Paris/Ireland, finally another update. Heres the messy updatee notes: added programs to "software" msn booter/freezer, multiclicker 1.5.1, icq account creator, fsu email bomber, stick unkick (stickam), stickam browser (replaces stickam webpage), buddy reminder (reminder program) and an xvi player. added an aim expansion and mini aim client (leeto AIM) to "aim versions" with the rest of them. added 3 versions of Kane's iCOMs to AIM/AOL source codes. added darkhouse public, light house mod and team amp elite version to the chat room owner utilities under AIM, added black crack, craxmaddict/crax maddict and express toc cracker (cracked by nop) to AIM (crackers), added p3 clone ( scroller bomber room buster and...) to aim section, shaim rawk (cant remember) added to AIM (misc), aim SN manager to AIM (sn & pw utils). added a AIM/AOL ASQ tutorial and 34 phishing pages to tutorials & text files.

    [2/11/10] mat aka SLASH

  5. I'm not getting many ad clicks so I need to justify paying for my hosting somehow :] I've gotten up to 4200RPM with this cracker and my FIOS isn't even as fast as my cable was, so I can't imagine what I'd get on my old cable connection. The cracker is either called ci(p)ReMiX or crackit (proxyo), idfk. Once I seen over 3k rpm I figured it wasn't working until I cracked getmonies before. hit me up, i might allow people to work on acid dr0p (add content) as payment instead of paypal.

    [12/6/09] -mat/slash

  6. Updates: removed 3 password lists that were messed up, posted information in the description to "crack attack 2," added raptor 3 from version 1.4.6 previously posted (password utility), added "CLICK HERE FOR NEWEST VERSION OF PIDGIN," added jotti to the top of my main page, added virus warnings to CNT, added crackology source code and fixed corrupted crackathon 2 source code, added ec private crack, source code and exe to crackwire 1.2 (2009 release), fixed the Away Message Server 3 download link, added phat crack remix, CNT 8, cero rw modded by prendle, aim adder package (spammer), auto pass change, about buster, wirecrack 1.3, teh maker, uccom 3.1, auto responder 3, aim versions hong kong (i think) ? no idea and another latin american AIM, buddah lagger 3.01. Currently selling a public cracker "craxmaddict" that gets 800-5000rpms. Can't afford it? Do some work for acid dr0p and work it off that way. Contact me for details.

    [10/2/09] -mat/slash

  7. THIS UPDATE HAS BEEN EDITED: You can download craxmaddict under AIM & AOL/AIM Software/Crackers.

    [9/25/09] -mat/slash


    I apologize for selling this public cracker but it's already being passed around far too much and I'd like to make some form of money off of acid dr0p until I get some type of advertising up. acid dr0p CELEBRATING OVER 5500 VISITS IN THE 3 MONTHS IT HAS BEEN OPEN! UPDATES: deleted ryack cracker from the aim section, apparently AVG didn't want to properly scan that file because thanks to the person who emailed me, i rescanned it and it came up as a trojan. deleted hunters password list by request. i tried to find a multi anti virus scanner that would scan a whole folder but failed; if anyone knows of one let me know please. maybe ill just download two more top virus scans and run them on the acid dr0p directory. wanted to add some of the stuff i got waiting to be added but im tired so f it. ill update asap. keep checking back or throw your email in the subscription box.
    [9/24/09] -mat/slash

  9. gonna be a bit for another update; going on vacation from the 20th to the 8th and then school starts so make sure u guys put ur email in the email subscription and i'll just let you guys know when i update again, hopefully as soon as i get back. want to be a part of acid dr0p? hit me up m@aciddr0p.net .
    [8/19/09] -mat/slash

  10. added to aol:
    click here for aol updates

    added to aim:

    -aim owners
    icom bronze
    reban 2 (r33ks version)
    ultimate aim v1
    ghostcom3 (possibly fixed if it wasnt already on my page)
    xtoc (chat welcomer/auto responder) may have already been listed.
    4 character generator that checks for suspension
    BoxxyCero.zip (cloner)
    EG Private (suppose to be a nice ghoster but only has option for one chat) may have already been listed.

    -aim crackers
    citrus cracker 2.7.10 (newer version then previous).
    toc status cracker
    crazy cracka p2

    -aim idlers
    Prendle Idler 1

    [7/31/09] -mat/slash

  11. added 2 source codes, n3k crack and aim enject. added unscanned, change it 1.1 (working pw changer), noobia 3, fader, status checker, prog zone 1.1, away message changer, flood assult, buddy trikill, raven underground 1 and 2 crackers, sn to email software to get the email a sn is under, go fetch, comps idler, aim msg forwarder, aim remix booter, n3k lock screenname locker v. 1.3, icon drop 2, aim remixed, psycho....something i forget the rest of the name. added bait that shizzle to aol and x1 which i think is a ccom and raven underground 2 cracker. might be more shit too i added, not sure. [7/30/09] -mat

  12. added a update notifier on the left hand side. just submit your email and i'll notify you anytime we update the site. [7/28/09] -mat

  13. olock 2, winamp plizug, revelation 2, qds 2, iarefilter, hyper info (new version), clone aim, new version of aim mayka, fuels screenname animator, easy aim, aim unlimited (dif version I think) and more added to aim section. new crackers added. total update: 21 programs i think. FORUMS ARE UP! dont really expect much use just yet but I'm here to provide downloads anyway. check it. [7/16/09] /SLASH

  14. umm I guess I should be letting you guys know what exactly I update when I do it. I've kinda been forgetting that haha. We're up to almost 4000 programs. I added additional like, EVERYTHING in the AOL section and the newest addition is X'ers (to block annoying people in chat rooms) and Termers (Which are used to kill peoples AOL accounts). The sectioms are huge so go check them out. Think I'm gonna add a approx. program count to each section not sure. sign the shout box ! oh and read these updates below too, theyre useful. /mat

  15. figured id let you guys know, FUCK that search engine. I just searched AIM On Fire and it didn't find shit. So if the search engine doesnt pull something you need, go to the section you need it from and hit CTRL-F or go to Edit/Find (in IE/FIREFOX/CHROME) and type what you need. just thought id let u guys know. these updates are useful, so read them.

  16. more like 3,600 programs not 33. added a gaaay ass temporary shout box, didnt expect it to be like that at all but whatever, ill get back to that i'm more about content right now. SHOUT IN IT. [SLASH]

  17. think we've hit about 3300, 3400 programs now easy. that aol section is pumpin'. mostly the misc sections. this is just the start though stay tuned. dont forget the AOL & AIM link dont work if you're on I.E., I need to fix that shit but fuck IE users anyway click it

  18. over 2000 programs on this site now. OH THE AOL & AIM LINK SHOULD DROP DOWN WITH MORE LINKS WHEN YOU CLICK IT. This doesn't work in internet explorer. Let me go note that somewhere while I remember. /mat

  19. threw a temp (at least the location of it) search bar up. you can search for specific files you're looking for now. I'm not sure how good it is so if you're looking fo something like ICrack, try it both "I crack" and "ICrack," a lot of AOL software I also wasn't sure if it was one word or two so I may have put some as one. I'd leave versions out, but youll see all the versions anyway when u search. shouldn't be a single dead link on the page and I think I might've gotten rid of every corrupt ZIP file too. oh if you're looking for something with the word screenname in it, i tend to put it as both one and two words. -slash

  20. as you can see, picked a domain. most of the AIM & AOL section is up as well as a couple others. i think im pushing 1000 files listed for download already. search box is coming soon as well as a shoutbox. -slash

  21. welcome to acid dr0p. im mat, aka slash. you might've seen me around on the sn's MAT, Mimic, MCG, Knockout, etc. deciding on a domain since someone decided to tap out my free ".tk" domain, and figuring outwhats even gonna be on this shit. was about 200+ AIM related apps until my hard drive got wiped. new layout, new ideas, bookmark us.

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